AMERICAN EPISODES – “Captured In Reetime” (being produced by SONIK VUE) ( is a documentary series to bring to light “The Human Touch” of “First Responders” (law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, physicians, The Armed Forces, disaster relief organizations, public officials, utility companies) and “Unsung Heroes” (such as the humanitarian works of The Late Father Bill Collins). The film features Muhammad Ali, Jr. (the natural born Son of the Late Muhammad Ali who was earmarked as America’s greatest sports figure of the 20th Century. Our goal is to travel throughout The United States to capture and foster “the good side” of First Responders and Unsung Heroes of America, as we believe this special group of America make great sacrifices (over personal interests and family), risking their own well-being for the protection and betterment of the people and communities in which they serve and/or protect.

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